Leading Radiotherapy operational know-how and remote planning services company to attend Asia Health 2017

Mercurius Health, leaders in consultant and operational services in Radiotherapy and Nuclear Medicine, giving access to highly qualified Medical Physicists, Dosimetrists and Technologists to operational support, either on-site or remotely, will attend Arab Health, presenting solutions for commissioning, implementation of new advanced techniques or inneficient outcomes.

Mercurius Health is a Portuguese company focused in technical cooperation, consultancy, onsite operation and training in actual or prospective centers seeking for edge solutions in Radiotherapy, Nuclear Medicine & PET or Cyclotron based Radiopharmaceutical production.

Mercurius Health commitment is to support Radiotherapy, Nuclear Medicine and Radiopharmaceutical production Centers from day one till its complete autonomy, through a wide range of services:

  • Operational management, clinical procedures and performance of daily clinical activity, with specialized and dedicated professionals, working together with local teams. Know-how transfer and on-the-job training of resident teams, with flexible custom-made plans. Implementation of new techniques including local staff specialization. Theoretical education and internships in clinical environment;
  • Support to new Projects: feasibility studies, planning, support to architecture and engineering projects, space ergonomics, radiological protection and licensing. Special solutions adapted to the client final needs and infrastructural possibilities including cost-effective setups with limited construction needs;
  • Independent consultancy in equipment selection, configuration, acceptance testing, commissioning, validation – expertise in linear accelerators for Radiotherapy and Radiosurgery, SPECT e PET, and Radiopharmaceutical labs and Cyclotrons;
  • Remote support: Remote Radiotherapy Patient Planning through ePlanning® solution: planimetry, dosimetry studies; cyclotron maintenance programs and telemedicine.

Mercurius Health is running 16 Radiotherapy and Nuclear Medicine projects. More than 12.000 patients have been treated by our teams with conventional and specialized radiotherapy techniques (IGRT, IMRT, VMAT, Radiosurgery), and more than 1.000 Nuclear Medicine clinical exams (gamma camera, SPECT), radioisotope therapeutic, as well as PET/CT and PET/NMR examinations have been performed.

With a growing international presence, Mercurius Health is also present in Africa and Eastern Europe. Our customers are among the most respected hospitals, imaging centers and healthcare networks.  Mercurius Health believes its know-how is an asset and can contribute to the success of Cancer Treatment Projects under implementation or wishing to move a step forward.


For more information visit: www.mercuriushealth.com